The Flying Ace team are handpicked athletes that come from many different backgrounds. They are Olympians and World Champions from all over the country. The one thing they have in common besides being great athletesthey’re all incredible people! Our athletes are the best in the world at their individual sports, but what sets them apart is they love to meet people and share stories about their respective sport. When you see the Flying Ace All-Stars perform at the Utah Olympic Park or anywhere around the country you’re sure to love the show, but the experience of meeting and talking to the performers will last a lifetime. It’s truly incredible to have the opportunity to ask a world-class athlete, face-to-face, about what propelled them to greatness.




Kris “Fuzz” Feddersen, Trace Worthington, Austin Cummings, Logan DooleyJason BurnettKaren Cockburn, Casey FinleyRyan St. Onge, Brent SteffensenAllison Lee, Danielle Scott, Dylan Ferguson, Heather McPhie, Jillian VogtliMatt Chojnacki, Scotty Bahrke, McRae Williams, Shannon BahrkeJon LillisWalter WoodSteven Gluckstein, Jeff Gluckstein, Tommy MoeSteve MahrePhil MahreNeil Gulati and Andre Dumas.